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We would like to invite you to visit our office at 1085 Park Avenue, between 88th and 89th Streets. We mean that as a true invitation. We want you to visit us the way you would visit the home of a friend. We’re not just a medical facility. We strive to be a welcoming health environment, a place for you to come and be given the "tender loving care" that used to be part of medicine. Sadly, TLC has all but disappeared with the advent of managed care.

We want to restore that feeling. Our staff has been trained with that goal in mind over a number of years. From the moment they answer the phone to the time you leave the office, we want  to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible while you’re getting a diagnosis or getting medical therapy.

The front desk staff will be your first contact with the office. It includes Yen and Marin, our two office assistants chosen based on their engaging personalities and their ability to be compassionate, even under trying circumstances. They will help you with appointments, provide information about our paper forms and office practices, submit referrals and assist you with insurance information. They will put you through to Dr. Adlersberg for urgent phone calls or to discuss unusual test results. They’ll get you coffee and a danish, too. Joan is our insurance consultant and will help you with approvals for specialized aspects of care in our center. She's also our infusion coordinator. If you have any questions about scheduling, please speak with her.

Cecelia is our our medical technologist. She's trained to do blood sampling and vaccinations as painlessly as possible, to record electrocardiograms and to help you convey information to Dr. Adlersberg. 

Lisandra is the Center’s office manager. She's is as pleasant as she is intelligent and knowledgeable and if no one else knows the answer to a question, trust that Lisandra will. She will take care of all your infused drug insurance and paperwork, and help with issues that go beyond simple appointment-making and office protocol. She is the one to contact for billing questions and will help you to communicate with our billing office as needed. You can give her suggestions on how we can make our Center even more efficient and accommodating in the future.

We are located at 1085 Park Avenue, between 88th and 89th Streets, convenient to the IRT and the uptown, downtown and cross-town bus lines. Our phone number is (212) 212-876-1886; fax (212) 722-7539.

If you are scheduling an appointment, please take advantage of our office forms online. You may download and complete them at your leisure and bring them with you at the time of your first visit. It will save you time on registering at the front desk, and assure you of being seen as quickly as possible. You will need Adobe Reader to access these pages. You can download it free here.


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